Cycling as a Family

Accueil Adventure circuit Cycling as a Family

The Véloroute des Draveurs

The tourism team at the MRC Vallée-de-la-Gatineau recently focused on developing summer circuits. Whether you are a couple, with family, friends or alone, there are several possibilities for getaways in the region, to soak up our most beautiful spaces. 

Cycling as a Family

Discover Messines With Your Little One

The municipality of Messines is one of the places par excellence to spend a great day with the children. Why not start the day at the Antonio-Guertin municipal park, inaugurated in 2021. With a dozen play modules suitable for children aged 0-12, your children will be delighted! Note that the Wi-Fi network is accessible and that there is access to drinking water on site.

Cycling as a Family

After having fun in the park, you will no doubt volunteer to cool off. Precisely, La luciole et le wezo, an artisanal creamery located on Principale Street, will celebrate its first anniversary this summer and the reviews are unanimously positive. The owners are eager to share the fruits of their labor with new palates. On the menu: classic flavors and other more original ones, to please everyone!

Finally, a must in the municipality: pond fishing at the Pisciculture de Messines. You do not need your fishing license to cast the line in the water, nor to bring anything: everything is available on site. The ponds are full of rainbow and speckled trout and the odds of them biting are…100%! Do not hesitate to bring your lunch and take advantage of the picnic tables.

Cycling as a Family

A Little Dip in The Lake?

At the heart of Blue Sea Village is a beach with access to Blue Sea Lake, the perfect place to go and enjoy the water while being in the heart of the village action. In summer, friends and families meet there and the atmosphere that reigns there is warm.


A Must Stop-in For Culture Lovers

If you’re more the type to take the time to appreciate and learn about the regional culture, you must stop at the Presbytery of Blue Sea, a must-see gathering place with an art gallery and a tourist center. If you are lucky enough to meet a member of the team on site, take the time to talk to them, they are certainly passionate people!

Cycling as a Family

Our Local Flavors, an Exceptional Richness

On the Véloroute des Draveurs, there are two places where you can pick your own berries and vegetables. First, at the Eau du Ruisseau farm in Low, then secondly at Fruits du Sommet, in Messines. There is also the Boutique du Sommet, which offers its best flavors in processed formats: vinaigrettes, condiments and juices, among others, to enhance your meals. If you pass through Gracefield on a Friday afternoon, stop at the market, Les Saveurs de la Vallée to meet the producers of the region and to buy their many local products.

Cycling as a Family

Good to Know When Planning Your Outing

From the start of the bike path to the Becker Road intersection in Gracefield, the route is unpaved. The rest of the Véloroute des Draveurs, from Gracefield to Farley, is paved. No drinking water is found on the route, however, the tourist kiosks of Low and Gracefield as well as the Antonio-Guertin park in Messines offer a source of water as well as free Wi-Fi.