Accueil News See Land Art in our Hiking Trails

See Land Art in our Hiking Trails

The idea behind this project was born from a reflection aimed at developing and diversifying cultural knowledge on the territory of the Vallée-de-la-Gatineau. The outdoors being a sector of activity well structured and appreciated by users, we wanted to split the two sectors of activity in order to make known the simplicity and the beauty that the works of “Land Art” can have as benefits. in our lives and for our mental health. This project is made possible thanks to the financial support of the Government of Quebec under the 2021-2023 Cultural Development Agreement.

See Land Art in our Hiking Trails

What is “Land Art”?

“Land Art” is the art of the land, an experimental creative concept that does not sell. Contemporary art trend that appeared during the 1960s, which exhibits works of art and brings them to life in a different way. The work of the artist consists in intervening on the space and the components of the landscape and nature.

The materials used are mostly natural (branches, rocks, earth, foliage, hay, etc.) and the installation evolves over time until they eventually biodegrade, which often makes them ephemeral works. Whether the work is simple or complex, “Land Art” integrates with nature.

The Inspiration for Land Art

A vein of gold, or in our case, a vein of art evokes the idea of mineral deposits that form in the pre-existing cracks in the rock of the territory. Finding a vein of gold/art is spectacular, it is enriching for a region.

At the same time a vein refers to our blood system. A vein is a vessel that carries blood from organs to the heart. A vein of art is having art in your veins and having the inspiration and creation to bring culture back to our hearts.

The third dimension is that of footpaths. A vein is a winding path, a path that we can follow in the forest where the air we breathe fills our veins with the oxygen necessary for a good quality of life.

Where you can see Land Art in the Vallée-de-la-Gatineau

See Land Art in our Hiking Trails

Congratulations to the artists selected for the 2022 edition of the Veine d’Art project. Here are the photos of the different works in our walking paths.

Étienne Gélinas: Geometric Nature

See Land Art in our Hiking Trails

My research focuses on the ambiguity of language systems within a semiotic space. A reflection on the duality of codes, on the notion of space and on the paradoxical aspect they release. I connect systems, I make them cohabit and dialogue.

The piece “Géometrised Nature” is not indifferent to this symbolic tension. The natural morphology of trees, still observable, contrasts with abstract geometric shapes that recall architecture and human intervention that sculpts nature and our environment. This vibrant dichotomy so sought after in my approach can be seen in the dialogue between the two pieces that make up this work.

The link between these organic and geometric elements creates a formal difference, in symbiosis in a given space. This cohabitation generates contrasts that form a poetic visual rhetoric.

Sentier du Cariacou: Déléage

See Land Art in our Hiking Trails

Janick Ericksen: Origins

See Land Art in our Hiking Trails

Mother Earth, sacred place of gestation, birth and cohabitation of siblings. Protected territory where each individual must learn to develop both their know-how together and their independence and individuality.

The nest, protector of the egg and of humanity, of these ancestral places comes to us from the symbols and messages in the colors of our ancestors thus drawn on these seemingly eternal stones.

It’s your turn to leave your mark and deposit it in this nest. Who knows if in several years our left messages will not in turn be interpreted.

Sentier du Cariacou: Déléage

See Land Art in our Hiking Trails

Philippe Fleury: Whiskers

See Land Art in our Hiking Trails

Fuel sensor,

the sky is not so far away.

Remote listening,

the tickling of a strand.

Am I hair or feather found on trail?

From the falls to the mountain,

such is destiny.

Sentier du lac de la montagne: Grand-Remous

See Land Art in our Hiking Trails

Yuri Rousseau et Nerea Chabot Soloaga: Fluidities

See Land Art in our Hiking Trails

From the tree and its ramifications that evoke our own blood system, to the mycorrhizal networks that allow the plant world to share information and nutrients, a complex tapestry unfolds before our eyes and feet.

By placing the trunks in a casting, they are a stream of fruitful dead, invaded by mycorrhiza, they become bearers of new beginnings, an expression of the fluidity of the phases of life.

It is precisely this fluidity that allows the stability of our life forms.

Sentier #1 du Mont Morissette: Blue Sea

See Land Art in our Hiking Trails

Janick Ericksen: Piqued by Nature

Like a tribute to our grandmothers and their traditional short spikes.

Take a break to admire the richness and diversity of textures offered by nature in the form of vegetal dive.

Element intended as a nod to the traditional short pointe shoes skilfully made by our grandmothers. These various scraps, once assembled, were used to provide us with comfort and warmth that sometimes became necessary for our survival on cold winter nights.

“Piqué de Nature” aims to draw the eye to the beauty of nature, allowing an attentive and sensitive vision of the diversity of the elements that make up the forest. Forest which, like the quilt, provides comfort and can also ensure our survival.

Sentier #2 du Mont Morisette: Blue Sea

Carte des sentiers Mont Morissette
See Land Art in our Hiking Trails
See Land Art in our Hiking Trails
See Land Art in our Hiking Trails
See Land Art in our Hiking Trails