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Golf, Skiing, Fishing, Camping:
a Four-Season Destination

Mont Ste-Marie est une belle montagne de ski. Une belle grande montagne, en fait, puisqu’elle   présente la plus forte dénivelée de la région. Photo www.montstemarie.comMont Ste-Marie isn’t just a pretty ski mountain, although it is that too.
We also boast the highest vertical in the area. Photo www.montstemarie.com

Niché au coeur des collines de la Haute-Gatineau dans un décor enchanteur, le club de Golf   Mont Ste- Marie vous offre tranquillité, qualité et défi unique. La municipalité opère aussi   un camping rustique très bien équipé pour les visiteurs.Golf Mont Ste-Marie is nestled in the heart of the
Haute-Gatineau Hills in an enchanting 
natural décor. The golf course offers you a
quality experience and a unique challenge in a 
peaceful environment. The Municipality also operate a rustic camping that is well equiped for 

The municipality of Lac-Sainte-Marie is involved in tourism promotion, in conjunction with the municipalities of Low, Kazabazua and Denholm. Together, they formed the Alliance des 4 rives and put in operation an info-office located on Highway 105 in Low, to better serve the tourists.

The municipality has invested heavily in its program of development of the urban center, by the installation of new municipal signs, installation of flower baskets and lighting of the Cross on the island of Lac Ste-Marie.

Golf Mont Ste-Marie

Golf Mont Ste-Marie is nestled in the heart of the Haute-Gatineau Hills in an enchanting natural décor. The golf course offers you a quality experience and a unique challenge in a peaceful environment. You will love the 18-hole course, with the spectacular view of the
surrounding hills.
Website : golfmontste-marie.com

Mont Ste-Marie Ski Center

Mont Ste-Marie isn't just a pretty mountain, although it is that too. It also boasts the highest vertical in the area. So you can appreciate the scenery as you speed down the slopes. And with a great mix of runs ranging from easy to expert, there is no shortage of ways to get down the mountain.
Website : montstemarie.com

Municipal Camping

This rustic camping rustique located along the lakseside is open from May 18th to September 30th. It is equipped with a shower, a new toilet and a stainless steel vanity countertop. Each
lot is equipped with a fire pit and a picnic table.

Festival des arts de la scène val-gatinois

Held annually in March, this event aims to promote arts and culture in the Gatineau Valley.
Website : www.festival-val-gatinois.ca


The municipality in collaboration with the Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la faune,
for many years has been contributing financially to fish stocking in several lakes.

Buoys ont the Gatineau River

We are happy to inform all sailors that the Gatineau River has been marked with buoys from Low
to Gracefield. Always be careful and have a good holiday !